08 March 2008

Moving Forward

That will teach me…I did this beautiful Saturday morning blog and POOF! Blogger just crapped out on me. So this time I’ll write in Word and paste it. Dang it though. Sometimes words only come right once.

So anyway – Happy Saturday to you all!
I’m getting back into the blog-O-mania after lurking quite a bit at Alicia’s blog and others. Thank you Alicia for the E is for excellence award. You’re the sweetest!

My life has been pretty busy lately. I’ve left the big old ranch for a new ranch, and I couldn’t be happier. I know I loved that old house, but it did have a few problems like bad water and mold, and the hunters and the poachers, and it was impossible to keep clean, and it was impossible to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

So I’m quite happy to say I now live in a brand new 3 bed/2 bath house with a huge kitchen (with a dishwasher!!!) and oodles of space for a garden. The view in all directions goes on for miles too. I can’t believe my good fortune.

So this year I’m going to try and grow all my own vegetables and rid myself of megamart produce. If I have surplus, I’ll get into preserving too. It will be a fun project, besides the cost of groceries is just plain ridiculous.

I feel a great surge of energy too. Yesterday I baked a loaf of whole wheat bread, and today I’m going to sort out the pantry and the linen closest, plus I’m still unpacking.

We spring forward this weekend too. I really think time changes are nonsense. It takes my body a week to adjust. Oh well, that’s my gripe for this beautiful day.


  1. Yeah, I'm glad you are getting a boost. Hey, I really want to glean how to garden from you! We are so bad at it. I know nothing. I have got books for the kids before as you know but it was after the season. I learn better watching someone do something.
    I am with you on the time change thing. It's hard on the kids too. A house full of us adjusting for a week is no fun!
    I'm so glad you are liking your new place. It sounds wonderful!

  2. The new ranch is the best. I'm going to take some pictures and do some decorating. I feel like I'm playing "house." It's so fun.

    As far as gardening goes- maybe I could do a tutorial. Online or in person, or both. I'm sure growing vegetables would cover a "science" objective in homeschooling. Isn't it awful to think of life as objectives? I mean Emma doesn't like "school," but she's curious and she likes to learn. So, why call it school. It's life! Gosh I sure hope the court comes to the peoples' senses.

    Anyway I am good with the whole botany thing. Try to land some half barrels or other containers and we'll have you growing strong soon. Gosh I'm wordy today :)


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