29 December 2007

Cow Paparazzi!

Cows can be kind of scary sometimes. That single-mindedness mob mentality "I love cowboys in pickup trucks" adoration. So it was probably my own darn fault (wearing a cowboy hat) on Christmas Eve Day when we took a little drive around the Ranch.  

See that little hill up behind the cows, well we decided to climb it, and when we did, all the cows were mere black specks way way up there in the mouth of the canyon. 

As we were strolling back down to the truck, he said to me, "Oh look! We have company!" And I looked over to my right, down the side of the hill, and about a half a dozen young cows were trotting after us, only about 25 yards away. 

So what do you do when you see major tonnage galloping after you?


And to the truck I did. Grasping for breath as I jumped in and grabbed my camera.

It was Cow Paparazzi!
We were surrounded. Could barely move down the road... One was even licking the truck!

But when we finally broke free of the gathering, this one gave us an earful. 

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